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DEXXIRE app: Find your perfect membership option

Using the DEXXIRE app is basically free and already offers you numerous functions. You can move freely around the app, create your profile and get in touch with other members. For those who want to get even more out of their experience, DEXXIRE offers various upgrade packages with extended functions. These options allow you to adapt the app to your exact needs and get the most out of it.

Free membership

With the free membership of the DEXXIRE app, you can use all the basic functions at no cost. You simply register for free and create your profile, which you can design as you wish. The app allows you to chat with other members and make contacts without incurring any fees. This means you can look around at your leisure, get to know other users and find out what options the app offers. Ideal for anyone who wants to try out the platform and gain initial experience without having to dig into their pockets.

Price: Free

STEALTH Membership

If you want more privacy, the STEALTH Membership is the perfect choice for you. Your profile remains invisible to all members unless you add them to your friends list. In addition to all the features of the free version, the STEALTH Membership offers you the following additional features:

  • Invisible profile: Only members of your friends list can see you.
  • Stealth Mode: Choose from different app icons and titles for a discreet appearance on your smartphone.

Price: From $ 49 


GOLD Membership

With the GOLD Membership you get all the benefits of the free membership plus increased visibility within the app. Your profile is marked as a GOLD member and is always displayed above the free profiles. This gives you better visibility and greater chances of making new contacts. The GOLD Membership includes:

  • Marking as a GOLD member.
  • Higher visibility: Your profile is displayed above the free profiles.

Price: From $ 84


VIP Membership

The VIP Membership offers you the ultimate experience on DEXXIRE. You benefit from all the features of the free and GOLD memberships and also receive the highest visibility. Your profile is marked as a VIP member and is always displayed at the top, above the GOLD profiles. This maximizes your chances of being noticed first by other users. The VIP membership also offers exclusive features:

  • Marked as a VIP member.
  • Highest visibility: Your profile is displayed first.
  • Access to other members’ private galleries.

Price: From $ 224

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Home Pricing